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I have posted help on the Outlook Express© {versions 5 and 4} email settings. I promise there will be more as time allows me to create them. HOWEVER, feel free to email the Wizard of AHS with any questions you may have and you shall receive a prompt reply. Always happy to help {grins}.

For FTP Utilities, Merkury uses and recommends Ace FTP.

By popular demand, here is where the Wiz goes to generate numeric conversions for web colors. RGB conversion assistant.


ALSO by popular demand, here is the Wiz preferred settings for readin' emails usin' Outlook Express.

IF U R havin' problems readin' someone's email and U really want to see what they say, clear the "Read all messages in plain text." box.
I like to keep it as plain text to avoid unwanted virus infections. Yeppers, it is a wee bit extreme since U would have to open an infected email to become infected. Rememeber, U asked for it IF U change this settin'.


To set up email settings for a Merkury hosted account:

{ }

1. Open your MicroSoft© Outlook Express program.

2. Click on 'Tools' located on the top Menu Bar.

3. Click on 'Accounts'

4. Click on the 'Add' button near upper right of the new pop-up window then click on mail {you will see it}. You will be asked to enter a name for the new account. Enter "Your Name" Hint: U can always change this later, NP.

You are then asked to enter your email address. This is your user name followed by {}

5. The next screen will ask you to set up the pop3 information. Don't panic! Enter in the 'incoming' POP3.
The 'outgoing' SMTP boxes MAY BE completely dependant on "YOUR" Internet Connection. I have the info needed by COX entered in these examples.
                   You should enter IF that fails, then use whatever settings is suggested by your Internet Provider.


6 The next screen will ask you for an "Account name" and "Password". This IS your WHOLE Email name {your email address WITH the} and your current password. Lost your password? Give us a holler and we will send you a temporary password.

7. Click on Finish.

If you wish to see if the account info is correct or you need to change an item, click on the 'Properties' button before closing the Accounts window and you should see a window like the one below and on the left. Clicking on the 'Server' tab should give a display similar to the window below on right.

All the rest should be all right if left at their default settings. You're ready to receive mail. Does it work? Test it by sending yourself an email using your new Merkury hosted email address {} Well done!


Replacing the index.html file using FTP

Try this: Either rename or even delete the existing index.html file currently on the server and then upload your revised version of index.html. IF there exists a file named index.htm, it should also be deleted.

If, after hitting the refresh on your browser and possibly even restarting the browser, you still see no change, please contact Wiz.

IF you see a listing of all your files, check to see if index.html exists. A second cause is the extension. As mentioned earlier, the opening page should be named index.html. Some HTML editors use just htm. The browser will display the first page it finds that fits the address. Hence, it will display index.htm first because it never looks for the last letter. It found what you asked it to find {grins}.

Also, in order to replace any html file, there must be an edit made to it. Even the addition or deletion of a period or a space will make the file different than the one currently posted. The reason why no edit is needed on a graphic files but it is on html files is because of their format. Graphic files are binary format and html files are ASCII format. Why must there be a change? You can not replace the file with the exact same file. The system is smart enough to know that it would be a waste of time {grins} A.I. {Artificial Intelligence}


You probably have a virus if…

The symptoms in the bulleted list below are rarely caused by anything except a virus, so if you detect any of these issues on an end user's PC, you should feel confident in suspecting virus infection.


There R a number of things I do when I get your system Some of these things U can change back {grins}.

1. I change your Automatic Updates to "Notify me but don't automagically download or install them."

U should honestly pay them a personal visit at least on occasion at U may change this to Full Automagical if U wish.

2. I delete all program shortcuts found in your Startup folder of your Start Menu. U could restore if needed - BUT I doubt U will miss them.

3. I Empty your Trash Can. This can NOT B undone.

4. I disable your Screen Saver. U should Right Click anywhere in an empty area of your Desktop, then click on Properties.

Sometimes I will remember to reset it to what U had or perhaps I select "My Pictures Slideshow". U may change this settin' to whatever U prefer.

I also tweak your power settings under the Power Button of this window. U should leave them as I have them. BTW, always remember to turn your computer OFF when U R done for the day / evenin'.

5. I run msconfig and disable all StartUp items {Except ctfmon} and some Services {EXCEPT MicroSoft Services}
CAUTION: U can really mess things up here if U set anything wrong. Your System could FAIL to restart. B Careful please.
I mention it here just in case your Ipod or your Printer fail to work or your ICQ or Defender or Calendar program is gone when U get it back. U "could" enable on an "as needed" basis.
Wiz Tip: If it ain't broke, don't fix it {grins}.
Click on Start then click on Run. Type msconfig and hit enter.

Wiz Tip: Click on Cancel to NOT save any chance edits OR click on OK to safe your changes and reboot your system.

6. I go to Microsoft Security Essentials {M.S.E.} and install it as prompted. Who better than Microsoft to clean your Windows? Think about it.
I go to and bookmark the ® MicroSoft Protection Center - Windows Live OneCare safety scanner where I run the Protection Scan. After a clean run, I run the Clean Up. It may well take more than one Protection Scan to fully clean your system, but Microsoft does it right {grins}.

Wiz Note: This is a great tool that I have tested. U MUST manually delete some files so U need to click on the little down arrow {lt. grey and hard to see} in order to identify the path to the infected file(s).

7. On Laptops I also Shut OFF the WiFi switch. U should locate the WiFi switch and turn it back on.
It should B off when U ain't at your default location OR at a secondary location with a WiFi network.
Please learn where this switch is and use it. Thanx.
IF no switch exists on laptop {older models did not have them} I Disable the WiFi Connection in the Network settings. U will need to Enable it again in case I forget to {blush}.

Also, I change ALL WiFi connections to "On Demand". U should go in and examine all your connections and get rid of the Unknown or "NOT Needed Ever" connections. U may B surprised how many connections get created AND set to Automatic.

There R a number of ways to open the WiFi Networks Properties. Here is one way. Click on Start and then click on Control Panel. Then click on Network and Internet Connections

Click on Network Connections.

Right Click on the WiFi connection and then click on Properties.

Click on the Wireless Networks tab.

Clean this up - if possible?



Clay Heitman, Owner - Merkury Consulting

Wizard of AHS, WebMaster for Merkury Consulting