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If you were searching for a system driver, below is a list of some of the current Manufacturers that may have the updated drivers you are looking for. CAUTION: Installing the wrong driver for a motherboard or for a peripheral card can have adverse effects on your system. If you do NOT know, do NOT guess.

Who ya' gonna call?
Merkury is NOT responsible for the installation of 3rd party software.

Four Excellent Drivers Resource Sites

[ http://www.computerhope.com/ ]   [ http://www.driverzone.com/ ]
[ http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/ ]   [ http://www.pacosdrivers.com/ ]

The Wiz uses Drivers HQ. If You can not find the driver you seek from this link, maybe it does not exist. {grins} Holler if you need help. Always happy to.

Another really great site not only for drivers but also for identifying older cards is WinDrivers.com
The #1 Windows
Driver Resource!

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