Report fraudulent emails.

Merkury would NEVER ask for sensitive information by email!
Fraudulent emails using forged email addresses is a known problem and such scams can cause undue distress if they are responded to. Please contact Clay at (619)-944-2683 immediately, if you provided your user name along with a password, phone number, or other sensitive data. The information provided by you will allow Merkury to provide a way of recognizing such scams for other online netizens. Thank you for your time.

How do you know if it might be a spoof, fake, or fraudulent email? Please check out EBay's Excellent Spoof Tips. The main point you will want to understand is: IF the URL in your Internet Address Bar does NOT have or preceding the first single /, then you ain't on Merkury. IF that statement does NOT make sense to you, then you are a potential identity theft victim. Please go now to EBay's Excellent Spoof Tips. Education is the best prevention against scams.

Again, thank you for taking time to report your suspicious emails appearing to be from Merkury. Please provide the following info from the email you received. Please do NOT forward the offensive email unless requested to do so. Instructions will be emailed to you if needed.
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If there is a problem when trying to submit the form, please email Wiz @ Merkury instead. THANX!