Merkury Consulting

Merkury is in business to provide Information Technology Services for business and residential customers at a discount price. Our team of expert, experienced professionals, associates and tech-support staff guarantee all your needs will be met.

A list of our services.
  1. Web development and design, E-commerce solutions .
  2. We also support broadband and cable connections as well as email services.
  3. Domain registration and hosting.
  4. Computer systems, servers, home/office, workstations, new pre-built and custom, troubleshooting and repair, upgrades.
  5. Software installation and support, proprietary industry specific assessment and recommendation, troubleshooting and repair. BIOS flash upgrade and repair.
  6. Virus troubleshooting and removal at DOS or BIOS level.
  7. Networking, home/office, business, peer-to-peer or server based, Windows, NT/Win2000, planning, implementation, installation, wiring to IEEE specifications, troubleshooting, and administration, broadband routing, Proxy services, Firewalls, Security, Internet sharing, network printer installation.
  8. Accounting and Tax services (computer based), software assessment, implementation, training and support.
  9. Marketing, Internet based, search-engine positioning, logos, slogans and branding, web tracking.
10. Database planning, creation and implementation, SQL, MS ACCESS, VB interface.
11. Data recovery and protection.

Merkury supplies an umbrella of expertise so you only have to deal with one company for all your IT needs. "One stop" shopping saves you money and most importantly time. If you need help, you only have to call one company. Merkury shoulders the responsibility of keeping you up and running. We have found this alleviates multiple companies from passing you off between them and blaming each other. Superior service is our watchword. Quick response our goal. Low rates and prices our pride. Your satisfaction our mandate.




Let Merkury be YOUR online messenger !

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